Cultural Locusts or Why I don’t like Gentrification



Can someone explain why so many hipster white people see predominately POC neighborhoods with low rents, and nice places to go, & decent neighbors and decide they want to live there but without the POC? Because I don’t get it. You don’t like your neighborhoods with high rents, and too many businesses and not enough parking and crappy overpriced apartments. You get upset that your neighbors aren’t friendly, and you can’t get a sense of community like you see in our neighborhoods.

And instead of moving in to share that, you complain about the people on the stoops and the corners. You start lobbying to bring in the same businesses you left behind, you complain about the block parties, the festivals and the noise from the kids playing in the parks & the old men playing dominos or checkers or whatever (guess how you build a sense of community), and you start trying to push POC out. Only to complain that the neighborhood isn’t what it used to be & move on again to do the same thing all over again.

Then after the white flight is over, you talk about the decline of our neighborhoods and blame us for what happened in the aftermath of your destruction. Never mind the community centers you forced to close, or the cops you encouraged to harass residents. Never mind the small businesses that were destroyed, or the teachers, social workers, and other civil servants who left because they couldn’t afford the new rents or higher property taxes. Never mind the services for poor people that were pushed out by you (never to return), no, it’s all our fault that having gutting our communities, you abandoned them, & left those with the fewest resources to clean up the mess.